This is the changelog for the released versions of PyImgur. These changes are divided into four categories.

  • [FEATURE] Something new has been added.
  • [BUGFIX] Something was broken before, but is now fixed.
  • [IMGUR] A change caused by an upstream change from Imgur.
  • [CHANGE] Other changes affecting user programs, such as the renaming of a function.


  • [FEATURE] Increase python 3.x compatibility. PyImgur is still only officially compatible with python 2.7.
  • [FEATURE] Add support for Mashape API Keys for commercial usage of the Imgur API. See:
  • [BUGFIX] Fix a crash that would occur when trying to use the method get_favorites().
  • [BUGFIX] Fix a crash that would occur when trying to use the method get_notifications().
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where accessing a non-existing attribute on a object inheriting from Basic_object would throw a IndexError rather than the expected AttributeError.
  • [CHANGE] Tests that require authentication will now be skipped if authentication has not been set up.

PyImgur 0.5.3

  • [FEATURE] Make it possible to skip SSL certificate verification.
  • [FEATURE] Increase python 2.6 compatibility. PyImgur is still only officially compatible with python 2.7.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix missing has_fetched arguments breaking get_subreddit_gallery().
  • [BUGFIX] Fix bug breaking get_gallery() from working.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix incorrect argument that prevented exchange_code() from working.

PyImgur 0.5.2

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an installation crash that happened if the requests dependency wasn’t already installed.

PyImgur 0.5.1

  • [BUGFIX] Fix bug in update() that caused it to crash when calling it with a list of image ids as the images argument. A bug also prevented the cover argument from being a Image object as is possible elsewhere, instead it could only be the id of an image.
  • [BUGFIX] If an album had no cover Image, then before it would create a lazy Image object for the cover with None as Id. Now the cover attribute will correctly be None.
  • [BUGFIX] Only albums instantiated with get_album() starts with the images attribute set. Now _has_fetched has been set to False for such albums. Meaning that a call to Album.images will refresh the object and it will then have the images attribute set.

PyImgur 0.5

  • [FEATURE] Add get_at_url() that takes an url and returns an object matching what is located at the url.
  • [FEATURE] Add get_memes_gallery() that return the gallery of memes as on the webend.
  • [FEATURE] Add get_subreddit_image() that can return a subreddit image.
  • [IMGUR] Imgur changed their API to return more data in the response, when uploading an image. But the variables that could be sent were always None in the response. See the bug report to Imgur
  • [BUGFIX] If download() was used with an invalid filename given as the name argument or an invalid filename was gotten via the title, then the download would fail with an IOError. It now defaults to saving it with the hash as the name if the primary choice is an invalid filename.
  • [BUGFIX] Manually calling refresh() didn’t update the value of _has_fetched.

PyImgur 0.4.2

  • [FEATURE] upload_image() can now upload images given with a url as well as being able to upload images given with a path. Either a path or a url to an image must be given when calling upload_image().

PyImgur 0.4.1

  • [FEATURE] Instead of returning an error, PyImgur will now resend requests to Imgur if it’s expected that the second request will be successful. This is for the cases where Imgur has an internal error or the returned data is malformed.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed that User.get_images() unnecessarily required authentication as a user.

PyImgur 0.4.0

  • [CHANGE] This version was a complete overhaul of PyImgur. It updated the version of Imgurs API PyImgur used to version 3.0 and implemented almost all functionality exposed. Additionally PyImgur changed from functional code to object oriented code.